Anthony Rondeau, USA

Interviewed by Don McCauley
Publisher: MindStir Media

What I Know (So Far)

  • Parenting


As a seasoned, but ever-hopeful pragmatist dad, I’m not terribly confident they paid attention the first (second or third) times I’ve said them. Sometimes/Oftentimes, I feel like the proverbial fallen tree in the woods. Did my children understand what I said? Did they even listen? Did I at least make a loud, discordant thud? Ultimately, I view this book as a testament and as a gift to my children. They should know three things: 1) Dad was here. 2) Lead a good and well-lived life. 3) Abundantly and ten-to-the-nth-power tenfold, I love them. I offer this on behalf of our shared hugs and smiles, and on behalf of the tears I have shed for them and with them.