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Archived Author Interviews

Joseph Carrabis The Augmented Man Science Fiction
Dr. Nicole Audet, MD Felix and Booboo - a series Children
Bill Poje The Byzantine Pineapple Government / Politics
RD Palmer The One Science Fiction
Jody Sharpe Town of Angels Fantasy
Michael Jordan The Company of Demons Mystery / Suspense / Thriller
Luthie M West Cat Soup Children
Donna Louis Book of Proverbs: Wisdom vs Wilderness Religion - Christian
John W. Noyes Those Deep Below Historical Fiction
Gary Roe Please Be Patient, I'm Grieving Self Help
Carol E. Anderson You Can't Buy Love Like That: Growing Up Gay in the Sixties Memoir
I. Kaufman Arenberg, M.D. Killing Vincent: The Man, The Myth, and The Murder Mystery / Suspense / Thriller
John Costello Executive Hoodlum True Crime
Joy Elaine Path of Sweetness - Joy Chronicles Inspirational / Motivational
Else Byskov Death Is an Illusion Spirituality
Jody Sharpe The Angel's Daughter Fantasy
Caroline H. Sheppard When Family Calls Self Help
Charles W. Page, M.D. A Spoonful of Courage for the Sick and Suffering Religion - Christian
Kass Ghayouri An Era of Error Historical Fiction
Dana L. Brown Lottie Loser Women Literature
William J. Goyette In Our Blood: A Jake Hawksworth Thriller Mystery / Suspense / Thriller
Dan Corner Is This the Mary of the Bible? Religion - Christian
Linda Maria Frank Secrets in The Fairy Chimneys Mystery / Suspense / Thriller
Linda Maria Frank The Madonna Ghost Mystery / Suspense / Thriller
Linda Maria Frank Girl with Pencil Drawing Mystery / Suspense / Thriller
Robert Jacob A Pirate’s Life in the Golden Age of Piracy History
Brian Wilkerson Mana Mutation Menace Fantasy
Claire Merchant Light and Shadow: The Story of Luna Lake Fantasy
Kristin A. Oakley Carpe Diem, Illinois Mystery / Suspense / Thriller
Liz McCue Thursday’s Child Autobiography
Daniel D. Corner The Believer’s Conditional Security Religion - Christian
Donna Louis 2018-Top Female Author - Miracles of Direction Miracles of Conquest Miracles of Provision Miracles of Purpose Religion - Christian
Kristin Casey Rock Monster: My Life with Joe Walsh Memoir
Edward M. Wysocki, Jr. Out of This World Ideas: And the Inventions They Inspired Science Fiction
Willie Handler The Road Ahead Humor
Monica E. Deller Trauma To Triumph: If I can... You can too Inspirational / Motivational
Donna Louis Miracles of Direction Miracles of Conquest Miracles of Provision Miracles of Purpose Religion - Christian
Edward M. Wysocki, Jr. An ASTOUNDING War: Science Fiction and World War II Science Fiction
Cliff Yeargin BirdDog Boogie Mystery / Suspense / Thriller
Dewandus Johnson Cry Baby Cry… or Not Urban Fiction
Richard Trayler Growing in Intimacy with God: Accept, Adore, Abide Religion - Christian
Anne Richter Distant Signs Historical Fiction
Dr. Dawn Menge Queen Vernita Conquers the Volcanic Islands Children
Gary B. Meisner The Golden Ratio: The Divine Beauty of Mathematics History
Dr. Andy Wynn The Biggest City You've Never Heard Of Travel
Danny Johnson The Last Road Home Historical Fiction
Michael J. Black Happy Endings and a New Beginning Self Help
Brian Aull The Triad: Three Civic Virtues That Could Save American Democracy Government / Politics
Linda Maria Frank 2019-Top Female Author - The Mystery of the Lost Avenger Mystery / Suspense / Thriller
Tommy Tutalo Esperanza
Jane Risdon Only One Woman Women Literature
George Troy The Five Laws of Retail: How the Most Successful Businesses Have Mastered Them and How You Should Too Business
Carol E. Anderson 2019-Top Female Author-You Can't Buy Love Like That Memoir
Garrett Sutton Esq. Start Your Own Corporation Business
Henry J. Wise It's Only An Opinion: An Appraiser in Court Business
Michael Stephen Daigle The Weight of Living Mystery / Suspense / Thriller
Vikki Walton Chicken Culprit: A Backyard Farming Mystery Book 1 Mystery / Suspense / Thriller
John J. Schaffer A Northern Rebel Historical Fiction
Keith Carter The Umbrella Men Entertainment
Joe Lurie Perception And Deception: A Mind-Opening Journey Across Cultures Education
Wanda Adams Fischer 2019-Top Female Author - Empty Seats Young Adult
Kristin Giese Unverified Women Literature
Brian Huey Perpetual Mystery / Suspense / Thriller
Stephen Bentley Death Among Us: An Anthology of Murder Mystery Short Stories Mystery / Suspense / Thriller
Brian H. Casull, MD Earthquake: How the Ever-shifting Healthcare Model Victimizes Americans Self Help
MSG Russell E. Gehrlein US Army Ret. Immanuel Labor - God's Presence in our Profession Religion - Christian
Fred Berri Bullets Before Dawn: Murder in Chinatown Mystery / Suspense / Thriller
Laura M. Baird The Soldier's Final Mission Romance
Wanda Adams Fischer Empty Seats Young Adult
Steve Snyder SHOT DOWN Military
J. E. Pinto The Bright Side of Darkness Urban Fiction
Susan St. John Mad Mischief Women Literature
Steven Howard Better Decisions Better Thinking Better Outcomes Business
Phyllis Staton Campbell Where Sheep May Safely Graze Religion - Christian
Marcia Fine HIDDEN ONES—A Veil of Memories Historical Fiction
Jim Dilyard Ian and the Great Silver Dragon, A Friendship Begins Children
Professor Pete Alexander LIGHTEN Your Day Self Help
Jim Dilyard Ian And The Great Silver Dragon Bry-Ankh Children
Ellen Frazer-Jameson Love Kills with a Kiss Romance
James E. Demmert The Sustainable Endowment
Bethany Weisbacher Dispensary Life
Frank J. Andriuli The People Factory Science Fiction
Bethany Weisbacher Dispensary Life Education
Gregory Gene Conrad Fighting the War Against OCD: A Season in the Life of Gregory Gene Conrad Health & Wellness
A. K. Kronicles God is My Superhero Children
Feyi Obamehinti, Ed.D Crushed to Restored: Principles of Restoration from the Book of Nehemiah Religion - Christian
Cheryl Williams A collection of poems: A journey through life Poetry
Bjarne Borresen The Hansen Clan: A Washington DC Adventure Children