Spotlight On The Business Of Being An Author

Being an author IS a business and needs to be treated as such in order to go beyond hobby results, and The Authors Show's goal is to provide valuable information to authors through its network of publishing industry professionals who agree to share their knowledge through interviews. New interviews are added regularly and all will remain archived, accessible at any time 24/7. 



Topic: The Stockholm Writers Festival (SWF) 2022

Guest : Catherine Petterson

What was once a handful of authors, poets, copywriters, and academics hunkered around a dining-room table dreaming up an English-language writers’ conference in Sweden, developed into a nonprofit organization with an annual festival focused on developing the skills and business knowhow essential to navigate the world of publishing, while fostering an ever-expanding community of international writers.

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Topic: The Many Influences of Your Writing

Milford-Haven, the series: a prime example of how your roots, connections and research will influence your writing.  Follow author Mara Purl's journey of developing a successful written and audio drama series. 

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Topic: The State of the Ukrainian Book Publishing Industry

Guest : Iryna Baturevych

Authors: do you wonder how your Ukrainian counterparts are doing right now?

Readers: do  you wonder what will happen to Ukrainian literature, some of which you may have read translated in your own language?

This episode brings information on the state of the Ukrainian publishing industry before the current events, and news on what it is doing to survive them and bounce back better than never in the future.  

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Topic: Florida Authors and Publishers Association

Guest : Pat Stanford

Being an author can be lonely.  Joining an authors association offers multiple benefits that can help authors in their journeys.  This segment focuses on a very proactive association with its current President as our guest.

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Topic: How to Increase & Engage Your LinkedIn Audience

Guest : Sue Canfield

LinkedIn is a social media platform overlooked by many authors. Sue Canfield, a social media marketing consultant who works primarily with nonfiction authors, teaches them how to get their book noticed using social media marketing done the right way. Her philosophy in using social media is to create value, engagement, and relationships. Today she discusses specifically LinkedIn and explains why it should be incorporated in authors' marketing strategies.

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Topic: The Page Turner Awards

Guest : Paula Sheridan

The "Page Turner Awards" gives unpublished writers the chance to enter unpublished fiction and non-fiction books, to be read by a carefully curated judging panel made up of influential players in the publishing industry. And published authors, whether mainstream published or independently published, the chance to get their fiction story or non-fiction book recognized by successful authors, high-caliber industry professionals and film producers.

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Topic: Developing Strong Women Characters

Guest : Patricia E. Gitt

As a former executive in public relation, Patricia Gitt worked with many strong and outstanding women in finance, healthcare, fashion and pharmaceutical industries. Upon retirement she transitioned to writing novels featuring the strength and qualities that made these women successful, and how they balanced dynamic careers with their private lives.  She shares in this interview how to develop strong female characters in a novel.

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Topic: InDtale Magazine, for Indie Authors & Readers

Guest : TJ Mackay

InD’tale magazine is the publishing industry’s most trusted publication for independent and small published authors and readers world-wide.  InD’tale’s premier status was built on the high quality and professional yet personal interest Ms. Mackay is known and famous for that focuses on reading, books, writing and publishing. It was conceived and developed to help all the many gifted, creative people in this industry who struggle to find a voice in a world where "traditional" just isn't working. Those who have the talent and the ambition but just need the platform to succeed. Each month, InD’tale brings its readers cutting edge information, honest, professional book reviews, interesting, and entertaining articles and educational columns to answer any questions and provide the very best in books.

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Topic: Amazon Editors 2020 Best Books List

Guest : Sarah Gelman

If you love a top ten list, especially one that’s about books to read, well you’re in for a treat!

Listen to the who, what and how the 2020 Best Books List came together in this interview with Amazon’s books editorial director Sarah Gelman.

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