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Today’s teens live in a world of possibility, with more tools and opportunities for success than any other generation in history. Yet many of them still suffer depression, isolation, and even suicidal thoughts. Today’s pressure to excel is so intense that it’s not only destroying the “fun” of growing up, but hindering their ability to perform, and crippling their self-esteem and sense of worth. The desire to fit in, to follow the crowd, has stolen many teens’ sense of who they truly are today—and worse, the infinite possibility of who they can be tomorrow. A tragedy. But it doesn’t have to be. One of the premier performance coaches in the world, Ken Baum is a success expert with a client list that includes over a hundred World, Olympic, and National Champions. He’s taught thousands of teens how to push past their limits, become their best selves, and find happiness in present situations and future possibilities. And now, for the first time, he wants to teach his methods to you (or your teen), including how to: * “relax the mind” and perform, even in high-pressure situations * counter bullies, prejudice, and unfairness * overcome limiting environments * transform victim mentality into a successful reality * live an authentic life * be your best self This isn’t bumper sticker psychology. It isn’t popular “self-help” full of wishes without work. This is a proven technology developed over more than three decades. It worked for Ken. It works for his clients. And it can work for you! Beyond Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, past Markway’s Self-Confidence Workbook or Huff’s Live on Purpose—Ken Baum’s Mental Edge for Teens is the best way for you or your teen to pass “survive,” exceed “thrive,” and learn what it means to be truly alive.

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Bill Poje speaking about “The Byzantine Pineapple ”

This author’s interview and book can also been seen on your television screen.  Look for “THE AUTHORS SHOW” app on AMAZON FIRE TV and on the ROKU CHANNEL.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over again, expecting a different result, so why should anyone believe that either the political right or the political left has a plan to solve the socioeconomic, legal, political (SELP) issues facing citizens around the globe when all they do is the same failing things over and over again? That's insane! The byzantine pineapple applies systems analysis and systems design methodology to propose a redesign of governmental SELP systems, including a new macroeconomic flat tax for the rising class of independents to implement. It is time to wake up from the matrix!

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S.G. Blaise speaking about “True Teryn”


Lilla must recruit the biggest and most dangerous army in the Seven Galaxies, but the Teryn emperor will not comply unless Lilla earns the blessing of the Teryn Guardian Goddess Laoise. Dealing with gods is never easy. Guardian Goddess Laoise’s condition for bestowing her blessing is for Lilla to bring her the mysterious Heart Amulet. Now Lilla is trapped in a strange place with no way out, no idea where to go or how to find the amulet. The only way for Lilla to complete her mission is to uncover the biggest secret of all Teryns. Will she survive discovering the secret of what it means to be a True Teryn?

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Lee Woodman speaking about “ARTSCAPES”

ARTSCAPES A 78-page collection of ekphrastic poems that dazzle with vivid imagery and expert wordplay. Lee Woodman has chosen to explore works from major museums, including The National Gallery, MOMA, The Guggenheim, The Prado, and the Louvre. Woodman invites readers to walk into paintings, enter worlds triggered by sculpture, and eavesdrop on conversations with artists. She will take you to a roaring boxing ring in Washington D.C., a cave in Indonesia with forty-thousand-year-old paintings, and a harem’s den in Algiers. All is possible in poetry. Information about each artwork allows readers to look at the works online while reading poems that offer a refreshing and provocative examination of the art.

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Jack Billups speaking about “My Vietnam: A Gift to My Daughter”

"Hey Dad, instead of a gift, would you share your Vietnam experiences with me?" My daughter's request set into motion a journey 50 years into the past as a "grunt" in the steamy jungles of Vietnam. Four months later, with my memoir completed, Naomi asked another question. "Hey Dad, let's go to Vietnam, just you and me?" Could the ghosts of Vietnam past morph into a father and daughter blessing in the present?

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Julia Sullivan speaking about “Bone Necklace”

Bone Necklace was inspired by the Nez Perce War of 1877, which was described in a contemporaneous newspaper account as “a gigantic blunder and a crime.” The U.S. Army field commander, General Oliver “Uh Oh” Howard, had promised to make “short work” of the Nez Perce. Instead, for four months, he pursued them across 1,100 miles of Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana, only to be humiliated in the end. The Weekly Kansas Chief called the Nez Perce leader, Chief Joseph, the “Red Napoleon,” and the name stuck. Nobody was more surprised by Chief Joseph’s military genius than he was. His own people had never viewed him as a war chief. He would have done anything to avoid the war that made him famous. The final engagement of the war took place in the Bears Paw Mountains in October 1877.....

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Richard Ruhling, M.D. speaking about “From Lockdown to Knockdown, the Fall of America”

America is falling! Some see a collapse coming that could bring martial law and FEMA camps. Our $1 bill says Novus Ordo Seclorum below the pyramid. What's behind the New World Order? The Bible is the all-time best-seller and it has more information on this than most people realize and it could save our lives, especially if we are Christian patriots planning to fight for our gun rights. When Christ was asked about the end of the world, He said to understand the book of Daniel which has a conflict between a ram and goat. Gabriel said Daniel’s vision is “at the time of the end,” Dan 8:17. Daniel named Grecia as the kingdom to conquer the Medes & Persians 200 years before it happened, Dan 8:21, but history repeats for our time with the Medes and Persians now as Iraq and Iran! This prophecy is half-fulfilled! Daniel wisely opted out of the king’s health plan in Daniel 1. This is also truth about government ‘healthcare’--Dr. Colin Campbell, author of the China Study, Prof. Nutrition at Cornell said our medical system is “rotten to the core.” Here is information that Rx drugs are the #1 cause of illness, death. If you have health problems, start with health in the Appendix--information that's gotten 5-star reviews in a previous book. Richard Ruhling, MD, MPH was board-certified in Internal Medicine before teaching Health Science at Loma Linda University.

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Lee Tidball speaking about “The Green Cathedral”

Deep in the jungle lies the deadliest kind of beauty.

As a DEA agent caught in an unwinnable drug war, Abel has spent his life with the ugliest side of humanity. It’s no wonder he’s given in to corruption, bribery, and an illegal side hustle that has him on the run from some of the most dangerous men in South America. 

Then, he stumbles upon an alluring creature—a stranded alien who has made her home under the green canopy of the deepest part of the jungle. Her spacecraft crash-landed a decade ago; his life crashed and burned well before that.

But as this unlikely pair grow closer, Abel will realize that his dark past has tracked him down and threatens to destroy the very beauty he has fallen in love with.

The Green Cathedral is a fast-paced thrill-ride that examines the nature of beauty and the power it has to heal our damaged souls.

"Non-stop action...a real flight and fight to the finish. Absolutely worth a read." - Screencraft

Fans of Monster and The Shape of Water will love this "high-energy, swashbuckling" book. (Screencraft)

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James Gilbert speaking about “Tales of Little Egypt”

Tales of Little Egypt is a fictional account of small town America and the peculiar, ordinary, eccentric, sturdy, cunning, and contented characters who created it. Set in the years between the Civil War and the great Influenza Plague of 1918, this is a pageant of imaginary people--the narratives of a score of men, women, and children whose lives illustrate the immense changes and challenges of that turbulent era. This was a period of great events and outsized personalities: splendid World's Fairs attended by millions, radical new inventions, devastating wars and violent revolutions; leaders like Theodore Roosevelt. But underneath were the people whose stories are as fascinating, troubled, compelling and triumphant as anything that has occupied the attention of historians. There was the town doctor, the local sheriff, the jeweler, the self-appointed matron of morality, a young black girl and her mother, a boy who ran off to the circus and many others: lovers, criminals, teachers, ministers, and odd characters. As a community, their lives and ambitions, their failures and tragedies--sometimes at their own making--and their small successes intersected and became a part of each other.

Marion, Illinois is both a real place and the imaginary location for these stories. Set in the center of Little Egypt, Marion is a county seat in the middle of this unique area, a river delta wedged between the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers. These two great highways of American immigration and trade sent millions of settlers North and South, East and West and back. The few who stopped off to make it their home created something distinctive. Theirs was a society that reflected the crossroads it occupied and the mix of cultures and sections that it represented. It was both nowhere and everywhere. Therefore their struggles to make sense of this world exemplify the tale and the memory of modern America in the making.

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N.L. Holmes speaking about “Bird in a Snare”

When Hani, an Egyptian diplomat under Akhenaten, is sent to investigate the murder of a useful bandit leader in Syria, he encounters corruption, tangled relationships, and yet more murder. His investigation is complicated by the new king’s religious reforms, which have struck Hani’s own family to the core. Hani’s mission is to amass enough evidence for his superiors to prosecute the wrongdoers despite the king’s protection—but not just every superior can be trusted. And maybe not even the king!

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Elizabeth A. Carter, PhD speaking about “Gaining A.C.C.E.S.S. to Lead Others: 14 Activities critical to continuous evolution & success for self”

Being a leader is a scary thought. You are responsible for individuals who are not related to you and whom you cannot control 100%. This group of people does not look like you, think like you, talk like you, or have the same interests as you. These people may not even like you. Yet, somehow, you have to get them to follow you. Most of these same statements hold true for your role when you are being led. There is someone responsible for leading you. You cannot control, speak, or even think like that person. How can we effectively survive to do and be our best every day?

In this second book of the LEAP Series, Dr. Elizabeth A. Carter once again provides you access to information based on situations that have impacted her life. Gaining A.C.C.E.S.S. to Lead Others: 14 Activities Critical to Continuous Evolution & Success for Self shines a spotlight on the three elements that have helped, hindered, and heightened her journey in leadership: chemistry, confidence, and communication. Including motivational quotes from pioneers such as John Quincy Adams, Oscar Wilde, Plato, and Helen Keller, Dr. Carter expands her use of alliterations and acronyms to entertain and educate her readers with topics and phrases such as•First impressions: “First Flush Final”—Don’t expect the hand you were dealt to change.•Overcoming obstacles: “No Not Never”—Response is temporary, not permanent.•Working with others: “Sometimes, you must DUMB it down” (Decode for Understanding and Maximizing Buy-in).•Leading volunteers: Accountability measures needed if “there is not a process of a review, raise, or reprimand.”

At the end of each section, there are reflection questions, and the last chapter helps you decide what actions you will take next. Get “access-smart” and let chemistry, confidence, and communication increase your effectiveness when leading others and being led.