M.J. Polelle, USA

Interviewed by Linda Thompson
Publisher: Indie Author

American Conspiracy

  • Thriller


When the president-elect is assassinated, Jim Murphy of the Chicago PD gets the blame as the country encounters an unprecedented constitutional crisis. While serving as extra security his moment of distraction offered the assassin the opportunity to strike. To redeem his good name Jim Murphy volunteers to investigate the mysterious disappearance of gangbangers who turn up as blood-drained corpses. His investigation connects the murders to an ailing Big Pharma tycoon conducting secret blood experiments to save his life. Meanwhile, the election is thrown into Congress for resolution after no surviving candidate wins in the Electoral College. With many twists and turns Jim Murphy discovers a connection between the Big Pharma tycoon and a political coup in the making instigated by the same tycoon who wants to save not only life but his country by making it great again. Jim Murpy teams up with the "backdoor' president elected by the House of Representatives to put down the coup on the verge of succeeding. The tycoon escapea to Cuba where he dies a painful death as a result of his dangeroua experimentation with the young blood of gangbangers.