Team Members

Danielle Hampson

Danielle Hampson – Founder, President/CEO, Executive Producer, Host, Public Speaker

Danielle (Danny) Hampson created “The Authors Show®” 18 years ago when “podcasting" was not yet a word.  The show was preceded by several other audio and video shows she produced and hosted online as well as on traditional radio. The success of “The Authors Show” encouraged her to start the production of a “twin” show in French, which saw its debut in summer 2020. With such longevity in the podcasting space, she is often asked to speak to publishing industry organizations and groups of authors on the topic of utilizing audio & video as a book marketing tool. Leveraging her pool of thousands of authors and other publishing industry relationships, in 2017 she launched "Give a Book Get a Smile", a literacy initiative to donate books to organizations catering to disadvantaged children and adults who have little to no access to books.

As a multilingual Cross-cultural Expert and International Business & Marketing Consultant educated in Europe, Danielle has traveled the world helping business executives in small and Fortune 100 companies develop & implement global marketing & distribution strategies, as well as a non-destructive testing specialist in the automotive and aerospace industries.  As the founder of a business networking organization with multiple chapters across several states, she has also helped thousands of entrepreneurs & managers develop and improve their networking skills. Often referred to as the "Queen of Win-Win", it is that philosophy that has helped her gain the respect of clients across continents.

Ms. Hampson also puts her skills to good use volunteering time and resources with nonprofit organizations in the arts and in leadership. She has traveled multiple times to China to help accelerate women leadership in rural areas, and to teach university students business networking, interviewing and show production skills.

Don McCauley

Don McCauley – General Manager, Host

Associated with The Authors Show (TAS) since 2006, Don McCauley is a 30+ years marketing/publicity expert who developed and implemented marketing campaigns involving newspaper, radio, TV, magazines, trade shows and direct mail during his corporate years, and also served as owner and editor of two successful regional magazines.  His experience in media gives him an intimate understanding and a unique perspective on the challenges facing authors in marketing their work. As General Manager of TAS in addition to hosting, Don also oversees customer service activities.  All questions should be directed to him at Don (at) 

Linda Thompson

Linda Thompson – Host

Linda's relationship with The Authors Show began in 2006 when she became a guest on the show multiple times prior to becoming a host. Among the many hats she wears, one is being the author of four books. An avid reader too, Linda takes pleasure in meeting new and returning author guests to learn the story behind the book. She often learns that the back story is the key to marketing a new book, be it fiction or non. She says if she ever has the time, she's going to write another book, this one about the joys of being a back yard farmer.

Mark D. Walker

Mark Walker – Contributor

A book reviewer and author of several books himself, Mark, who contributes articles to various platforms - such as Literary Traveler, Wanderlust Journal and Revue Magazine, has joined The Authors Show as an independent book reviewer. 

A former Peace Corps Volunteer in Guatemala who worked with international agencies for many decades, Mark holds a MA from the Institute of Latin American Studies at the University of  Texas/Austin. He is bilingual English/Spanish.



Pure Carbon Publishing - Book publishing and reviews

Pure Carbon Publishing – Contributor

A book review contributor, Pure Carbon Publishing offers a highly curated catalog of business, psychology, health and wellness, and self-help titles. Offering Fundamental Knowledge for Innovative PeopleTM, Pure Carbon publishes works that provide groundbreaking views on evergreen topics. The company is passionate about new knowledge, intrigued by cutting-edge research and is advocate of personal growth.