Thomas Mark Johnston, United Kingdom

Interviewed by Don McCauley
Publisher: Blossom Springs Publishing

My Kingdom for a Horse

  • Historical Fiction


Scotland, 1585. Lord Warden Johnstone is leading a troop of his clansmen back home. Pursued by Lord Maxwell, a battle of survival is about to commence. Meanwhile, Lady Margaret and her son, James eagerly await, looking out over the battlements of Lochwood Castle.

 The ensuing battle leads to a sequence of events that would reverberate down the ages through history. Referred to previously as border clans, The Border Reivers would be used throughout the world as mercenary soldiers because of their unrivalled fighting ability.

 The theft of a horse by a band of Johnstones from Wamphray led to the Battle of Dryfe Sands, the disbandment of the border clans and their banishment to the colonies by King James VI of Scotland after he became King James I of England and Ireland in 1603. The kingdom was united, and all for the theft of a horse!