Paradox Forged in Blood

By Mary Frances Fisher

Historical Fiction

This book is so much more than historical fiction; it’s about the characters that are described so well you begin to believe they are real and that you are a part of the family. To say this is a mystery about a murder on Millionaire’s Row is to oversimplify the complexity of the story. One tends to have to think back a few pages when another character is introduced, and there are a lot of characters. There are stories behind the main story, but without complicating it too much, I was amazed at how it all came together at the end. I fell in love with everything about this book and eagerly await Growing up O’Malley, Fisher’s companion book to Paradox Forged in Blood. If this book is an indication of things to come, we will be hearing a lot about Mary Frances Fisher – she’s that good. 

Book reviewed by Linda Thompson
United States