The One Inside: 30 Days to Your Authentic Self

By Tammy Sollenberger

Self-Help / Personal Development

“The One Inside” by Tammy Sollenberger speaks of a unique approach to mindfulness using the Internal Family Systems.  This model helps one understand that there are multiple “parts” that exist inside the central “self.”  

I loved that this book notes that negative self-talk comes from one part of yourself and does not represent the entire “self.”  Understanding your parts helps to discover where this negativity comes from.  The way Sollenberger delves into the nuances of the human psyche is unlike anything I have read before, and I found it refreshing. 

Sollenberger’s voice can be heard throughout this book.  While some self-help books may be weakened by scientific language or advice that feels out of touch with the audience, her anecdotes are relatable to the audience.  This is what sets the book apart from anything I’ve read before, and the down-to-earth tone of “The One Inside” made me very willing to follow through with the tasks.  

This book provides a word and description to guide oneself through the day, but it also includes an activity for more connection.  On those days when it can be hard to read the advice and relate to it, the activity gave me much more clarity. I never felt uncertain on this journey, even though the Internal Family Systems is a new outlook on life and your self-image.  

“The One Inside” is a book that anyone can pick up and apply to their lives, changing their self-image in just a short 30 days.  The advice is timeless and invaluable.

Book reviewed by Pure Carbon
United States