Woman in Blue and White

By Janet Doolaege


Every now and then, this bookworm comes across a book that is so spellbinding and different, it takes my breath away. That’s how I reacted to Woman in Blue and White. The author’s ability to describe settings made me almost believe I was walking along the cobblestone streets of Santorini, and the avenues of Paris. I fell in love with the characters and will admit to talking to Zoe about getting a backbone. And just like Zoe, I feel in love with Ivar and felt a strong desire to knock Marc around a bit. Doolaege touches on several issues in today’s world including terror attacks and the LGBT community, as well as domestic abuse. I just know I’ll be reading this book again because there’s way too much content to absorb everything in just one reading. And I will definitely be telling all my friends about Woman in Blue and White. 

Book reviewed by Linda Thompson
United States