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The tales in this book stem from humanity’s ancient immersion in oral traditions, when “once-upon-a-time” triggered utter entry into imaginary ‘storyworlds’. Wild extremes of primitive music (probably from flute or drum), voice, accent, mimicry, song and dance aroused small groups — then as now — into a vivid social sense of extra-dimensionality. Today, our more subdued, linear and sanitised literary storytelling tradition, developed over the past 2,500 years, is codified through the written word or notated score. It marks the difference between silently reading a play by Shakespearea or absorbing it through the hurly-burly of any stage performance. 

The stories of Kalila and Dimna hark back to wilder times, close to our hunter-gatherer era, before agriculture, when animals, shadows and spirits lurked nearby. Some of its ancient animal-stories were first transcribed and then rejigged by poets, monks and scholars through five languages — the Pali Jataka Tales (450 BCE?); the Sanskrit Panchatantra (300 BCE?); Arabic (750 CE); Persian (1505 CE); and the 1570 English rendition by Sir Thomas North (published when Shakespeare was a mere stripling of six). Two of the earliest scholastically “re-constructed” (and distinctly different) 19th Century Panchatantra manuscripts link directly to humanity’s oral tradition of physical storytelling. We are drawn to their stories as we are to the mysteries of pre-historic cave paintings. Here be dragons indeed!

Mexican novelist Carlo Fuentes noted in 1980: “Wood’s superb stories should be set alongside Italo Calvino’s retelling of the folk tales of Italy. No higher praise is necessary.”

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Robert Arthur Neff speaking about “After All: A Gathering Storm of Romance, Revenge and Espionage in Postwar South America”

This author’s interview and book can also been seen on your television screen.  Look for “THE AUTHORS SHOW” app on AMAZON FIRE TV and on the ROKU CHANNEL.

Two years before the end of WWII, two gifted German Jewish musicians—one a Holocaust survivor who barely escaped the infamous Theresienstadt concentration camp with his life, the other the daughter of a prominent Wehrmacht general—having fled the catastrophic Nazi conquest of Western Europe, where they had been hunted and hopelessly separated, reunite in Brazil. Dieter Meister, barroom piano man extraordinaire, and scintillating chanteuse Sofie von Siegler, the subjects of Robert Arthur Neff's first historical novel, Über Alles, seize a second chance at freedom and a life together.

But residual shadows from the war’s conflict soon darken the skies of their bright new world. Determined parties, from a fledgling American intelligence agency to Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal, relentlessly sniff out the trail of Sofie’s father, hiding out in South America. As the net draws tight around Sofie and Dieter, it’s impossible to tell who can be trusted. And the United States, after having assembled a military force unparalleled in history and executed a remarkable strategy for victory, turns out not to be so well prepared for the war's aftermath.

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Deborah Nichols Poulos speaking about “The Conscious Teacher”

The Conscious Teacher is about all kinds of strategies and techniques educators might employ to become more effective teachers. In an accessible, conversational style, Deborah Nichols Poulos presents unique approaches to teaching that will inspire new and veteran teachers alike. She begins with her personal story of not being able to read all through elementary school. Her early failures convinced her she was dumb. At first, she struggled, but when she still failed, she adopted an avoidance strategy that served her well until junior high. An experience in the seventh grade flipped a switch and started her on a journey to becoming an outstanding student and, later, to applying the lessons she learned as a child to her own teaching

What makes The Conscious Teacher unique are the inspirational lessons that are unlike what most teachers get in their teacher-education courses or student teaching. Ms. Nichols Poulos points out, for example, that from the very first day, it is important that students learn they will be treated with dignity and respect no matter what. And especially helpful are the steps Ms. Nichols Poulos employs to set up a behavior management plan that works. She explains the strategic steps she takes before school starts—how essential it is to get to know each student before they walk into class on that first day. She also illustrates how setting up classroom routines helps students know what to expect and how to make the best use of every minute. And she emphasizes the importance of the parent-student-teacher team and includes many examples of how to communicate with—and involve—parents, even those who may be difficult. Foundational to her program are reading and writing. Among other things, she lays out the steps for students—even as early as fourth grade—to write five paragraph essays and their own student-authored books, and to research and write reports that include bibliographies. When she differentiated curriculum to support all students’ needs, she found their learning accelerated.

All teachers will appreciate her ideas about how to teach the basics of math, as well as advanced math concepts. And her ideas for teaching the arts are inspirational, as she describes in detail how her fourth graders performed Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Macbeth, King Lear, Julius Caesar, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. She also shows how to integrate social studies with literature and writing. Her experiences taught her that young students are much more capable than many people realize.
The Conscious Teacher is an indispensable guide for all new teachers. Many of the ideas Ms. Nichols Poulos provides will also be an eye-opener for parents and experienced teachers as well. The Conscious Teacher is simply a must have for anyone truly interested in giving young children a positive and solid foundation for their later schooling.

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Virginia Burton Stringer speaking about “Enchantment”

Princess Maagy has had great adventures and harrowing moments in her life, but none could prepare her for what she was about to discover behind the ominous doors she had never been allowed to enter.  King Henry surprises Maagy on her sixteenth birthday with a joyous, celebratory breakfast of pancakes and spumoni ice cream. However, his mood darkens when he tells her to meet him at the mysterious east tower. Henry pulls a key from around his neck and releases the heavy creaking door. Cobwebs reach and grab, as they ascend the darkened stairs. Once there, Henry begins to tell Maagy the truth about her mother’s death and enigmatic lineage. The greatest mystery in Maagy’s life has been her mother Queen Melania. How and when did she die? Why will her father never speak of her? His stubborn refusal to answer her questions has only fueled her inner rage. Maagy has been intrigued by her resemblance to the mysterious warrior woman in a portrait at Whitmore Estate, but no one knows her identity. Then Henry shows her a large blue crystal. Little does Maagy realize the significance of the portrait, the woman in it, or how her life will change when she takes hold of the mysterious blue crystal. Her destiny is before her, as her next and most challenging adventure begins.  This fairy tale for middle readers is the third in the seven-book Maagy Series about the coming of age of a young woman.

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Linville M. Meadows, M.D. speaking about “A Spiritual Pathway to Recovery from Addiction, A Physician's Journey of Discovery”

A SPIRITUAL PATHWAY TO RECOVERY FROM ADDICTION is the memoir of a group of physicians going through an intensive rehab program for addiction to drugs and alcohol. It is presented as a collection of their stories and the lessons they encountered during their time together. It is a step by step guide to understanding the disease of addiction and how to treat it.

Here you will discover how to overcome alcoholism and drug addiction through the use of spiritual tools-a simple and successful treatment that works for impaired physicians and can be used by anyone.

You will find answers to these questions: Am I an alcoholic? Am I an addict?  How did I get this disease? Can it be cured?  Will I ever be able to drink socially again?

How can I get over this insane craving?  How can spiritual principles help me?  What is a Higher Power, and why do I need one?

Topics covered include: The disease concept of addiction  -  Overcoming the uncontrollable craving  -  Finding the openness, honesty, and willingness to change  -  Dealing with past mistakes and removing character defects  -  Exchanging my old addictive ways of thinking for healthier ones  -  Finding spiritual principles I can live by  -  Living without fear or worry  -  Finding happiness within myself

Addiction occurs among physicians at the same rate as in the general population, about 10%. Unlike the general population, however, an intensive rehabilitation program, geared specifically for their profession, vastly improves their chances of finding long-term sobriety. Over 70% of these physicians will be clean and sober-and practicing medicine-five years later.

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Sylvie Beljanski speaking about “Winning the War on Cancer: The Epic Journey Towards a Natural Cure”

A new breakthrough book.

Winning the War on Cancer: The Epic Journey Towards a Natural Cure reveals the visionary discoveries of a French scientist whose suppressed research led to improvements in the prevention and treatment of cancer...naturally and without toxicity.

This book is a "story within a story" as through its pages, Sylvie Beljanski, the daughter of Mirko Beljanski, PhD, outlines a personal journey of discovery of her father's new, and promising, paradigm for the treatment of cancer. This tale unfolds against the backdrop of the French establishment, determined to obliterate the findings of the world's first green molecular biologist, one who spent over40 years studying the environmental impact on DNA replication and transcription. 

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Al Moreno speaking about “L.A.'s Last Street Cop: Surviving Hollywood Freaks, the Aryan Brotherhood, and the L.A.P.D.'s Homicidal Vendetta Against Me”

A vivid, true-life tale of service, survival and sacrifice

This gripping memoir vividly recounts Al Moreno's rise as a gifted and fearless Los Angeles police officer, surviving gangs and homicidal situations in brutal urban war zones as he strove to achieve his personal and professional dreams. Packed with unforgettable scenes of both beauty and despair, it culminates in his vocal stand against corruption within the L.A.P.D., and the political retribution that ensued--a dirty internal investigation that unleashed the murderous vendetta of a violent ex-con from the Aryan Brotherhood.

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Simon de Wulf speaking about “Siegfried and the Vikings”

One day young Siegfried is fetching water from the river when he receives the fright of his life! A fierce dragon’s head looms through the mist in front of him. The mist clears revealing a longship containing more than forty grim-looking men, covered in chain mail, hefting swords and battleaxes. Who are these men? Why are they here? Siegfried discovers that they are Vikings from Norway and is so fascinated by these warriors and their leader,  Odo the Dragon Slayer, that he stows away with them on their departure. Little did Siegfried know that his life was about to change forever! This is a story of how one young boy, with natural abilities and a nose for treachery, saves the Vikings and finds favour and acceptance with Odo the Dragon Slayer and his mighty warriors.

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Moana Robinson speaking about “B Styled for Life - Living with Sass and Style Over 50”


Are you a 'mature' woman who is feeling a bit lost?  Have you fallen out of love with your body and wardrobe?  Do you wish you could look and feel confident and alive again? 

You're not alone. Many women experience this as they move into their 50s, which can lead to anxiety and even depression.

This must-read book by professional stylist and life-coach Moana Robinson, will empower you to take charge of your life and rediscover your sass and style.

You've experienced many of life's challenges and rewards. Made it through the highs and lows. You have loved and lost and possibly loved again. But if you have a yearning for more, to live a full, vibrant life without regrets, read on.  With just a few tweaks, the most exciting part of your life journey is yet to come!

Women over 50 are changing the world. Many find they now have the freedom to use their experience, time and knowledge to create an impact, in their own lives and the lives of others. It begins within and ripples out.  The time has come to recognise the opportunities that are now before you. Use these 'Wisdom Years' to develop that sass and style that is uniquely yours and yours alone.  It's time to reclaim your confidence and your life. It's time for sass and style!

This is one book you'll read over and over and want to gift a copy to your friends because you won't want to part with your own!

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Cathy Williams-Thrun speaking about “Does She Think of Me, A Birth Mother's Journey to Forgiveness”

"You're not permitted to see your child at birth." The nurse was cold and stern as she draped a curtain across the teenager's midsection. The baby's cries echoed off the cold operating room walls and boomeranged back to the girl's shattered heart. Wiping the tears from her eyes she desperately clung to her baby's fleeting shadow, cast upon the thin fabric that hung between them. An unplanned pregnancy at seventeen, and the feeling they had nowhere to turn, forced a young couple to make a decision they would regret for the rest of their lives. Although Cathy and Joey had their entire future planned to eternity, nothing could have prepared them for this fork in the road. One decision, either way, would change the course of their love forever. The pounding of her heart dances in rhythm to the methodical passing of time. How could nineteen painful years drag on like an eternity, yet suddenly fade in the blink of an eye? Anxiously waiting for the phone to ring Cathy accepts the unknown. Her future happiness depends on the questions she yearns to have answered. Did she make the right decision? Can her daughter forgive her?

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Thomas A. Brigger speaking about “Beyond the Higher Ground”

Tasked with an assignment to manage the construction of a prison on a remote Appalachian mountaintop, Tucker Mason sees an opportunity to restart his life past the death of his wife and the recurring demons of his childhood. But strange occurrences at the house that he rented on Bright's Mountain and the suspicion of drugs being smuggled through the prison construction site create distractions that lead to violence, intrigue, and his own imperilment. Struggling under the weight of loss and guilt, he encounters a world that he never knew existed in the shadow of the emerging prison. With a unique perspective on the human condition, Beyond the Higher Ground takes its reader through a historical glimpse of Southwestern Virginia to a powerful exposition of the drug crisis that has devastated the region and the abject brutality of those who deliver it.

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