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I'm an author (5 books) and writer of countless articles and a weekly blog at Partly writing is a therapy to get things off my chest that disturb me or impress me that I have to write about. In the PR firm I started when I left NBC, I'm forever "polishing" press releases, media pitches, PR proposals. "Dad, can you polish this, meaning can I make it more effective, engaging, inspiring. So I polish . . . and polish words, sentences, paragraphs, hence came my latest book WORDSHINE MAN about how to make writing inviting.

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Irv Arenberg speaking about “Love and Murder: The Last Days of Vincent Van Gogh”

2023 NYC Big Book Award Winner for Arts & Entertainment for Love and Murder. On July 29, 1890, a hot and muggy afternoon, shortly after Vincent van Gogh was laid to rest after his honor killing for “compromising” his doctor's twenty-one-year-old daughter, Marguerite, twenty-six (26) of his unknown paintings and other art material were stolen from the hotel where he had been laid out for his final viewing by his doctor and his son. This was the largest art heist of a single artist ever, and today would be worth many billions! This theft led to the Gachet art forgery ring and many fakes, forgeries, and altered provenance for years. This is the story in the book 3 of the Killing Vincent Trilogy of what happened to all this art and to Marguerite and her sad, long life without her Vincent. This book three is the finale of the Trilogy. Book one was Killing Vincent and proved forensically that it was not possible for Vincent to self-inflict his mortal wound. If Vincent did not shoot himself in the belly, (of all places) then whoever put that penetrating wound in his abdomen murdered him! Book two, Love and Murder, now in your hands answers the questions of how, why, and where Vincent van Gogh was murdered and how a brilliant cover up of the murder was accomplished by the persons of interest using the false narrative of a suicide as a martyr for his art. There is also a sneak preview of chapter one from book three The Day Vincent van Gogh was Murdered; The Honor Killing that Changed Art History Forever and Led to The Greatest Art Heist in Modern Times. Hopefully this will you excite you to put the entire Killing Vincent Trilogy together in your mind’s eye in preparation for the major movie, Finally Love.

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Sherrida Woodley speaking about “Quick Fall of Light”

Can A Shocking Resurrection From Extinction Save Mankind?

While the world succumbs to the horrors of a great flu epidemic, a woman vows to protect the perilous fate of a bird whose existence manipulates the destiny of man.

In this suspenseful tale, part Michael Crichton, part Rachel Carson, a global virus sets the tone, but it’s a one-pound bird that determines who lives. . . and who doesn’t. Science collides head-on with the untamed in this powerful novel of redemption.

“A wonderful reading experience... I think anyone who picks up this book will be changed by it.” Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson, Ph.D., Author of When Elephants Weep and Dogs Never Lie About Love

“Quick Fall of Light shares Rachel Carson’s fears for our planet and exhibits Woodley’s own “sense of wonder,” as well as her sure instincts for mystery and suspense.” Linda Lear, Author of Rachel Carson: Witness for Nature

“A prophetic mystery and an environmental thriller, Quick Fall of Light will keep you reading and wondering.” Brenda Peterson, Author of Animal Heart

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Lisa Fox speaking about “Core Truths”

18 speculative short stories… A lyrical and literary approach to genre-based fiction A father and his young son face a choice—risk their lives by extending kindness to a person who is not permitted to exist or risk their souls by walking on. In a dark and starless world where magical creatures are hunted and destroyed, a captive girl’s courage sets in motion a wish that will change the skyscape forever. Even though the world declares her son dead, a relentless mother casts a lifeline into an icy lake, day after day, to rescue the child swallowed by its waters. A microbiologist’s sanity is questioned when he discovers a technology-borne parasite that threatens most of the world’s population. An android is charged with apprehending a rogue time traveler whose innovations have distorted history so much that the fate of the world rests on his capture. Aware that she was created with the purpose of dying upon another’s command, a clone struggles to find her strength, and her life, in a world that deems her sub-human. Forced to weigh the value of one individual life against the lives of many, a scientist from a dying planet confronts her own morality and the ‘core truths’ driving her choices and her actions. CORE TRUTHS: Speculative literary fiction that gleans its energy from the fantastical, making us think about who we are as people, about those Core Truths that govern the lives we choose to live.

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Jeffrey Marshall speaking about “Squeeze Plays”

Squeeze Plays combines finance, intrigue and a closely detailed look and the rich and privileged in New York and London. Two powerful men, a bank chief executive and a tabloid publisher, are at odds over a loan that would keep the publisher afloat. A cunning Russian oligarch appears with an offer of a financial life raft to the publisher - a gambit uncovered by an intrepid financial reporter who senses a big story.

The novel is a character-driven tale that one professional reviewer called the best character-driven book he'd read in a year. The actions and foibles of the main characters - and strong female characters - are played out at length, and the squeeze plays include financial and sexual blackmail, sabotage and more. The settings are rendered in vivid detail, and the tone is often brisk and satirical, showing how vanity and hubris can humble the powerful.

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Gina S. Scheff speaking about “Presidential Spirit”

Gina has no intention of marrying again following a disastrous divorce. She wants to focus on raising her son and building a career, not falling in love. But then she meets a spirited airman named David Scheff and everything changes. It doesn’t take long for him to convince her that marrying her soul mate might be a good idea after all. A member of the Air Force, David eventually becomes the flight chief for Air Force One, giving Gina the opportunity to shake hands with presidents William Jefferson Clinton and George W. Bush. It’s a great adventure! Still, once David retires from the military, they’re ready to enjoy a quieter life on a small farm in Ohio. Life has a way of throwing you off-course, though, and when David is diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cancer, Gina learns the true meaning of standing by her husband not only in health but in sickness too. As Gina struggles to not fall apart as they face one devastating letdown after another, David shows her how to have grace under pressure and that you don’t need actual wings or even a plane to fly above your circumstances. David always knew he had the spirit of an eagle. This story tells how Gina discovered just how right he was.

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Colonel U. S. Army Ret. George A. Milton speaking about “Failure Is Not The Problem, It's Your Leadership ”

FAILURE IS NOT THE PROBLEM®, IT’S YOUR LEADERSHIP In this win only, winner takes all society, what is the role of failure in leadership? Why are there so many books on leadership? Simply put, because people want, desire, and need leadership! Most people in positions of leadership and authority will talk about how to become successful only, when discussing leadership. In my book, I focused primarily on how to become successful by using your failed experiences. Failure said to success, without me, there is no you! When I examine wildly successful people in all industries, such as business, sports, CEO’s, academia, medical, civil service, the military, you name it and what I find as a common denominator is they all learned how to understand, accept, embrace, and learn from their failures. Do you want to succeed as a leader? If you do, you must learn how to do three things. Fail graciously, get comfortable with your failed experiences and learn from those experiences. Everyone wants to succeed but no one wants to fail. When utilized correctly, failure is the greatest resource on the planet to help you be all that you can be. I have created a formula for this. Get the book and learn what the formula F+RR=S, means. In this, easy to read book you will learn: • Why you are not afraid to fail • That failing can actually be fun • When an organization makes it ok to fail, their people, are more creative, survive, and thrive • How to take action and become successful using your failed experiences

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Dr. Kixx Goldman speaking about “Speak from Your Heart and Be Heard: Stories of Courage and Healing”

Psychologist Dr. Kixx Goldman explores the nature of intuition and resilience. When people honor their intuition, the "little voice" inside, and speak openly about their feelings, they thrive in their relationships. You, too, can follow your inner voice, speak from your heart, and claim your power. The eight engaging fictional stories in this collection are personal, drawn from experiences in Dr. Kixx's life and the lives of her clients. The characters are tested by everyday traumas:

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Tina Koopersmith MD speaking about “What Am I?”

I wish I had learned about our 4 bodies before I embarked on motherhood. Motherhood, to me, means total acceptance and unconditional love. Understanding our four bodies and how they vary in different individuals can help us notice and celebrate our uniqueness.