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9/10/11 Jan    Weekend rerun       Anne Redelfs MD *        TX        The Awakening Storm        Christian Nonfiction
12-Jan        Wendy Joseph *        WA        The Witch's Hand        Fiction
13-Jan        Patricia Lyon *        NY        Carnival Mirrors        Nonfiction
14-Jan        Betty J. Deniston        FL        Divine Interventions in an Ordinary Life        Nonfiction
15-Jan        Frances Fuller *        CA        In Borrowed Houses        Nonfiction
16/17/18 Jan     Weekend rerun      Alan Noble        MO        Climbing for Roots: Christian Foundations for Young Believers        Spiritual growth

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What others say about The Christian Authors Show...
I was thinking about your kind and thoughtful phone call while you were editing our interview, all that time ago. It dawned on me
that I've never taken the time to let you know how much positive response I've had from that interview. In fact, I received an email
just the other day from a woman saying she heard us on your show and what an inspiration the program was to her. So, the
magic never stops. And it all starts with you, Danielle, conducting such in depth interviews and making your guests feel so
Esther Luttrell – Author of “Dear Dean… Love Mom” – January 2014

It was a HUGE privilege to be interviewed on “The Authors Show”. They not only have a large listening audience, but they do
excellent work to make the interview all that it can be. I had compliments on my interview and even someone who wanted to
forward a link to it to another talk show host. This is excellent exposure--thank you Danielle and staff!
Richard Ruhling – Author of  “Economic Collapse and Marshal Law” - September 2013

I listened to the interview this morning and was very touched by the quality and professionalism of the interview. I highly
recommend every author to have an interview done with you. I am very pleased.
S.R. Lewis - Author of “Falling Into Place - Touched by Divine Inspiration”  -  March 2013

Dear Danielle,  Thank you once again for your graciousness in interviewing me.  I have done many interviews, but yours, by far,
excel and stand out among the rest.  You are a true professional!
MaryAnn Diorio – Authors of “A Christmas Home Coming” - December 2013

Danielle,  thank you for having me as your guest on the Christian Author Show. The entire interview experience was absolutely
amazing!  As a premiere professional show host, you made me feel very welcome, comfortable, and engaged in a top-notch
professional interview. The Christian Author Show is making a major contribution to the world of authors. To get their message
out  and to positively impact a world of deserving readers.  I highly recommend this superior marketing service to authors
everywhere. Danielle, I wish you monumental success in the continued growth and unique contributions of the Christian Author
Ronald Cooper - Author of How to Win in Life in A Greater Way - November 2012

Danielle -Thank you for your great interview!  It was great because you did your research as well as anyone I have ever seen and
you then had the right questions. This was probably the best interview I have ever had, and I've had some good ones over the
James R. Anderson - Author of   What Must I Do To Be Saved? - October 2012

Thank you for the WONDERFUL interview! Danielle did a terrific job and I was at ease a couple of minutes into the interview. I
LOVED the question about hearing God that she asked and I really think that question solidified the interview and made it SHINE.
Kathryn Jones - Author of  Conquering Your Goliaths: A Parable of the Five Stones - June 2012

The response from people who heard your show today was so positive that I bit the bullet and listened (something I never do
when I'm the guest)
.   As I listened, Danielle, I had a lump in my throat that had nothing to do with Dean. You are absolutely the
best radio host I have ever - in all the many, many programs I've been on - worked with. The tone of your voice, the way you put the
questions and your delivery were absolutely perfect. I was also so very impressed, and touched, by what you had to say after the
interview. Your are a blessing to everyone who hears you.  I wish you every good thing possible. You are terrific and, beyond that,
just a plain good human being. I wish I still lived in your area, I can't think of anything better than sharing a cup of coffee, or in my
case, tea, with you. God bless, dear heart.
Esther Luttrell - Author of  Dear Dean... Love, Mom  -  May 2012

Danielle, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful interview you conducted with me on The Christian
Authors Show. I was a bit nervous about the interview, but your engaging personality set me at ease immediately! I felt as if I was
talking with an old friend! You are truly a professional! Thank you so much for the opportunity to air the information contained in my
"The Judas Epidemic," as it is vital information that everyone needs to know! May God continue to bless you, and what you
are doing for Christian authors, Danielle!
Curtis Chamberlain - Author of The Judas Epidemic  -  May 2012

I listened to my interview, Danielle, and I am so pleased.  Truly you are a gifted host, outstanding in every respect. I love the
opening and closing comments you put in yourself, incorporating every idea important to me, and conveying my deepest
intentions and hopes for the reader.  The presentation on the show page (my pic and book cover) is clean and beautiful, with just
the perfect description of the book.  Thank you for what you do.
Reverend  Dr. Linda DeCoff - Author of  Bridge of the Gods, A handbook for Ascending Humanity - February 2012

Thank you for having me on The Christian Authors Show. I am so impressed with the entire process from start to finish. You
really have a professional show for new authors who are trying to get their books and themselves noticed in the book selling
arena. I hope to be on your program again soon and I will recommend other authors to your great show. God Bless you all for
doing what you do to help others.
Michael Anthony Gagliardi - Christian speaker &  author of A Divine Connection With A Message From God - April 2011

Being interviewed on The Christian Authors Show was one of the best marketing opportunities I have encountered. As an author,
I was made to feel completely at ease discussing my book with interviewer Danielle Hampson. Her engaging style made me feel
like I was speaking with a friend. It turned out to be one of my favorite radio interviews!
Elaine Marie Cooper, author of The Road to Deer Run - March 2011

I was more than pleasantly surprised when I heard my client’s interview on The Christian Authors Show.  In my business I set up
hundreds of interviews a year for my author/clients and this was by far the best one I have heard in a very long time. The interview
was conducted and prepared in the utmost professional manner. I would recommend anyone that is an author or a publicist to
utilize this medium as a publicity and marketing tool.
The Authors Show team is purely professional.
Helen Cook - PrimeStar Publicity & Public Relations - January 2011

It is not easy for unknown authors to make it in today's publishing jungle. With thousands of books being published every month,
having an organization such as
The (Christian) Authors Show is more than a blessing for it gives a voice to all authors,
experienced as well as novice. To my knowledge, although there are other radio/TV programs that give authors a chance to
promote their books,
The (Christian) Authors Show is the only program that features authors and authors only. I would like to
The (Christian) Authors Show to all authors.
Christian Nseka, author of The Messiahship Of The Lord - June 2010

Danielle, I want to thank you for the wonderful service you preform for authors and would-be authors everywhere. In addition to
enjoying hearing one of the authors I have worked with interviewed on your online Authors Show, I have learned about so many
new publishers agents for my own work.
Joan Schweighardt - Publicist  -  January 2011
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This largely factual odyssey begins with Anne’s sudden evacuation from her New Orleans home, fleeing Hurricane Katrina.  
Through many storm and disaster experiences, she shows how we evacuate internally as well, abandoning aspects of our
humanity because of trauma.  Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is the common outcome, where we perpetually reenact or
avoid what reminds us of our most stressful times. When the abuse and neglect we endure and perpetrate consistently
overwhelm our developing psyches with no suitable help in sight, we become stuck in the youngest developmental stage of
“Rocks and Minerals” – rigid, unyielding, unfeeling, and uncaring.