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18/19/20 Apr      Weekend rerun       Linda Maria Frank *        NY        The Madonna Ghost
21/22 Apr        Linda Maria Frank *        NY        Girl with Pencil Drawing
23/24 Apr        David Kroe        NC        People Who Live in a Pizza
25/26/27 Apr     Weekend rerun       Mike Person        IL        With Malice Toward One

More shows coming soon.

Note: Interviews play from 12am ET for 48hrs. Weekend reruns start on Fridays for 3 days.

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The Authors Show is the first stop on your worldwide book tour,
and a tool to be used as part of your long term marketing plan.  
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What others say about The Children Authors Show...

The Authors Show is a wonderful way to market books.  Both Danielle Hampson, who interviews for  web-TV, and Don McCauley,
for radio, are outstanding interviewers.  They bring out the best in your books and you.  Danielle and Don are professional,
current, competent and accommodating - taking you easily through the interview process.  The Authors show is a must marketing
strategy for authors!
Josephine GambiniAuthor of Ciao, I Am Poetino - March 2011

If you have dedicated your heart and soul in the writing of your book and desire for others to wrap their arms around your project,
then the power of the press is the most rewarding avenue. Host and marketer, Don McCauley, is an excellent source to raise
awareness for your book. He is a marvelous host with excellent interviewing skills. He has the capacity to make authors feel
comfortable while allowing them the freedom to get the major points across that are close to your heart--an enjoyable experience
with great returns emotionally and financially.  
Hunter Darden, author of I Only Eat Trout--Learn To Cope With Worry  - January 2011
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On the Show Today....
Don McCauley
Don McCauley is a marketing
and publicity consultant with
30 years of experience. He
specializes in helping authors
develop low cost marketing
and publicity plans.

He is the facilitator of the Free
Publicity Focus Group and the
co-moderator of Book
Marketing "The Authors
Marketing Powerhouse".

During his corporate years he
developed and implemented
marketing campaigns
involving newspaper, radio, tv,
magazines, trade shows and
direct mail. He also previously
served as owner and editor of
two successful regional

His experience in media gives
him an intimate understanding
and a unique perspective on
the challenges facing authors
in marketing their work."
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The Authors Show is not a "show" in the traditional sense of the word, it is a professional book marketing audio & video
 that offers participants two major benefits that authors serious about marketing their work need to consider, especially
inasmuch as each of these benefits has long lasting effects:

These benefits are...
  1. the production of a professionally edited audio and/or video tool showcasing the participating author and his/her book;
  2. we share with participants our own pool of readers by broadcasting their interview on our network, putting their work in front of
    thousands of potential book buyers they would otherwise not reach.

Because the show broadcast is continuously updated with new interviews our website maintains a high ranking in Google search
engine, which contributes to giving our show extremely high production value.   Radio interviews and the original broadcast are done at
no cost. Interview copies and/or archiving of interviews for periodic rerun on the show are available for a nominal fee.

All interviews are protected under the copyright laws and may not be copied/recorded/downloaded/posted through any means and on
any computer, server, website and/or social media platform without the expressed written consent from the show producer.
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THE MADONNA GHOST,  An Annie Tillery
Mystery by LINDA MARIA FRANK, winning  
“Editor’s Choice” and “Rising Star” from
iUniverse.  Annie Tillery sets out with her
NYPD Aunt Jill for a vacation of sun and
sailing on beautiful Fire Island. She meets Ty
Egan, setting the stage for a sweet little
romance. Together, with a local ghost hunter,
they set out to investigate an eerie ghost from
a shipwreck in the 1800’s. As the tale of the
ghost unfolds, Annie and Ty stumble upon a
diabolical plot that impacts national security,
threatening the life of Annie’s aunt.