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28/29 May        Linda Maria Frank *        NY        The Madonna Ghost

Effective May 30, The Children Authors Show is merging with The Authors Show fiction and nonfiction.
Mystery by LINDA MARIA FRANK, winning  
“Editor’s Choice” and “Rising Star” from
iUniverse.  Annie Tillery sets out with her NYPD
Aunt Jill for a vacation of sun and sailing on THE
MADONNA GHOST,  An Annie Tillery beautiful
Fire Island. She meets Ty Egan, setting the
stage for a sweet little romance. Together, with
a local ghost hunter, they set out to investigate
an eerie ghost from a shipwreck in the 1800’s.
As the tale of the ghost unfolds, Annie and Ty
stumble upon a diabolical plot that impacts
national security, threatening the life of Annie’s
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