Don McCauley is a marketing
and publicity consultant with
30 years of experience. He
specializes in helping authors
develop low cost marketing
and publicity plans.

He is the facilitator of the Free
Publicity Focus Group and the
co-moderator of Book
Marketing "The Authors
Marketing Powerhouse".

During his corporate years he
developed and implemented
marketing campaigns
involving newspaper, radio, tv,
magazines, trade shows and
direct mail. He also previously
served as owner and editor of
two successful regional

His experience in media gives
him an intimate understanding
and a unique perspective on
the challenges facing authors
in marketing their work."
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Don McCauley
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The Authors Show is the first stop on your worldwide book tour,
and a tool to be used as part of your long term marketing plan.  
25/26/27 Apr       Weekend rerun      Lois W. Stern *        NY        Tales2Inspire        Inspirational
28-Apr        Pat Chalfant        OR        Spirit Lights a Path to Mediumship        Inspirational
29-Apr        Geoffrey X Lane        Canada        Presentation Power; Become a powerful speaker        Business
30-Apr        Kandy Kay Scaramuzzo *        TX        Pie An Old Brown Horse (That Knows What He Is Doing)        Animal
1-May          P. J. Van Sant *        NV        Marriages, Divorces and A Crossbow        True Crime
2/3/4 May       Weekend rerun    Maria Daddino *        NY        Maria's Duck Tales: Wildlife Stories From My Garden          Nature

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Danielle Hampson
Welcome to The Authors Show  -  NONFICTION Books
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"The Authors Marketing Powerhouse"
Hosted by Danielle Hampson & Don McCauley
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Founder, creator and executive
producer of The Authors Show,
Ms Hampson also hosts The
Business Authors Show and The
Christian Authors Show.  Prior to
entering the online media
business, as a multi-lingual
international business
consultant she traveled the
world helping business
executives in small, medium,
and Fortune 100 companies
develop and implement global
marketing strategies.  As the
founder of a business networking
organization, she has also
helped thousands of
entrepreneurs develop and
improved their networking skills.
She is an author on that very
subject, and she frequently
speaks to the private and public
sectors on that  topic.
The Authors Show is not a "show" in the traditional sense of the word, it is a professional book marketing audio & video program  that offers participants
two major benefits that authors serious about marketing their work need to consider, especially inasmuch as each of these benefits has long lasting effects:

These benefits are...
  1. the production of a professionally edited audio and/or video tool showcasing the participating author and his/her book;
  2. we share with participants our own pool of readers by broadcasting their interview on our network, putting their work in front of thousands of potential book
    buyers they would otherwise not reach.

Because the show broadcast is continuously updated with new interviews our website maintains a high ranking in Google search engine, which contributes to
giving our show extremely high production value. Radio interviews and the original broadcast are done at no cost. Interview copies and/or archiving of interviews
for periodic rerun on the show are available for a nominal fee.

All interviews are protected under the copyright laws and may not be copied/recorded/downloaded/posted through any means and on any computer, server,
website and/or social media platform without the expressed written consent from the show producer.
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What others say about The Authors Show...
Whether you’re an experienced interviewee or a first-timer, The Authors Show staff and host Don McCauley guide you towards
the most productive session possible. Don is also completely up-to-date on the wild west of Internet marketing, and his
advice helps you deliver answers in a way that will draw potential buyers to your book. He’s generous with his time, patient
and has a great sense of humor.
James Vescovi—Author of Eat Now; Talk Later: 52 True Tales of Family, Feasting and the American Dream  - March 2014

Danielle, you are an amazing host and interviewer of upcoming and established authors.  I have had three interviews with you
for my last three books and have received amazing exposure from them.  I believe it is because of  The Authors Show’s
reputation.  Thanks so much, and I will continue to support your show.
John DiCiccio – Author of The Leadership Gene – March 2014

I don't normally do this but I feel that I must thank the staff at the author show. They have helped my marketing efforts for my
book more than any other single source. Every time that my interview plays I can see a huge spike in my author ranking and
my Amazon sales have more than doubled. I know that this is a direct result from the author show as I have no other
campaigns going. You have my heartfelt appreciation and thanks for your amazing programs! Please keep up the excellent
work and I will definitely be back with my second book..
Jeffrey W. Kern - Author of  Golf Made Easy! A Backward Approach to Learning Golf..... Or Is It?  -  December 2013

“Having spent the better part of three decades working the publicity world, I didn’t believe there was anything I didn’t know
about promoting myself. Don McCauley proved me wrong. The education offered by McCauley and The Author’s Show is vital
to any fledging author and, I dare say, lots of more established authors as well.”
Thomas Smith & James Darrell Williams – Authors of Which One Am I?

I have done a number of radio interviews and can honestly say that the one I did recently on The Authors Show was the best by
far.  Don McCauley who interviewed me called me a week and a half beforehand to tell me what to expect, to put my mind at
ease, and also stayed on the phone with me for quite some time after my interview ended in order to explain the show's very
unique marketing plans, so that my interview could result in as much promotion as possible for my book "Jew in Jail."  The
entire staff was extremely professional, helpful and very mindful of my needs. I highly recommend The Authors Show to any
author attempting to market their books.
Gary Goldstein - Author of  Jew in Jail - May 2012

The Authors Show is a crown jewel in marketing new books.  Their dedication to perfection has no rival.  It is a flawlessly
produced show every author should consider.  They are consummate professionals who carefully guide you through the
interview process and give the author opportunity to discuss their book which is broadcast to a worldwide audience.
I am deeply honored to have been a guest on this show.
Penelope Van Buskirk – Author of For Worse Never Better -  March 2011

The Authors Show is a wonderful way to market books.  Both Danielle Hampson, who inteviews for  TV, and Don McCauley for
radio, are outstanding interviewers.  They bring out the best in your books and you.  Danielle and Don are professional,
current, competent and accomodating-taking you easily through the interview process.  The Authors show is a must marketing
strategy for authors!
Josephine Gambini – Author of Ciao, I Am Poetino - March 2011

Danielle, I want to thank you for the wonderful service you perform for authors and would-be authors everywhere. In addition to
enjoying hearing one of the authors I have worked with interviewed on your online Authors Show, I have learned about so
many new publishers agents for my own work.
Joan Schweighardt – Publicist  - January 2011

The Authors Show is a totally professional, expertly run program. Danielle Hampson and Don McCauley make you as an
interviewee feel totally at home, and they know their business inside out. It is must for any author, and it has a huge following.  
It is produced at a level way beyond most radio stations and delivers its product fast and effectively.
Richard Godwin (London, England) author of  "Apostle Rising" - December 2010

How can I express my heartfelt gratitude for The Authors Show and the extraordinary interview you did of me regards "Move on
Without Me".  The comments I have received from both friends and strangers have reached beyond simply wonderful to "t
was a totally fabulous interview.  Exceptional.  Loved it.  The fit between you and Danielle was the best.  The book has to do
." to "The interview is wonderful. . . so uplifting and your message is so critical for so many that cannot move on. . . feel that
they are betraying their loved ones if they do move on. . . this is the message that we all need to hear, to feel, to experience so
that we can move on either after a loss, a divorce, a serious illness or many of the areas that your book and message speak
to.  Thank you.  I will be passing your interview and website on to friends, colleagues, and patients
."  Danielle, you made this
happen.  You embraced your loss and asked how do I move on and how can Susan's book help me and others to move on
without their partner.  You understood the importance of my message immediately. You asked the right questions one after
another.  You put me at ease so that I could delve my depths and share my experiences, my knowledge, my feelings.   My
heartfelt thank you.
Susan C. Beer - author of "Move On Without Me" - July 2010

TheAuthorsShow.com is the number one best in the biz! They are a professional author's network chockful of expertise and
vision. I cannot thank you enough for the excellent interview and editing you did to make me sound like a pro. Thanks.
Sally Franz, Best Selling Award Winning Author of "Scrambled Leggs...A Snarky Tale of Hospital Hooey"- July 2010

Radio interviews are fun, but let's face it, many are suboptimal quality and highlight the host rather than your message. My
interview, with Don McCauley on The Authors Show, was extremely professional, of the highest sound quality, and allowed me
to fully express the content of my book and message. Since airing, I have had an unusually large number of new subscriptions
to my website. I consider TheAuthorsShow.com a very powerful communication and marketing opportunity.
Charles Glassman, author of  "Brain Drain"  - May 2010

4,500 personal emails went out two weeks ago and again last night.  We are already receiving lots of Kudos. Here’s one
sample that you will like: "Brian, I listened to your talk with Don McCauley.  Very well done. I never knew about this website but
found there were other writers who I wished to hear speak.  Lenny"
Thank you so much for what you accomplish for author’s.  I’m expecting great things to mushroom from our time together on
The Authors Show. More to come.
Brian E Huey - The Perpetual Author - April 2010

Just a note to express my appreciation for your radio interview with me on The Authors Show concerning my book "In Search
of America’s Heartbeat". Interviewer Don McCauley did an outstanding job. He immediately put me at ease, and we had a very
enjoyable and – I think – very effective conversation. Within hours I received a lot of positive feedback from people who heard
the interview. Thank you for the high quality of the work that you do.
Robert H. Mottram, author of "In Search of American's Heartbeat" - July 2009

I have received so many compliments on today's show so far. People were remarking what a great interview it was.  I want to
thank you again for making me feel so comfortable and for helping me get my points across to the listening audience. It was a
wonderful experience and I look forward to doing it again should I go ahead with my plans to write my next book.  Thank you!
Sheryl McGinnis, author of "The Addiction Monster and the Square Cat" - April 2009

I posted a permanent link from the MP3 file – Kimberlee and I seemed to notice a huge increase in website hits and sales
thanks to this interview. Don, you made everything so easy –and despite my thick Bronx accent, you made me sound really
good. Thank you again for everything.
Chelle Cordero, author of  "Courage of the Heart"  -  January 2009
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