What others say about The Authors Show...

My interview with Don McCauley on The Authors Show was a fantastic experience. The entire process from start to finish
was so well-organized. Don's and Danielle's professionalism made it so easy, and their friendliness made it an
absolute joy. I loved every little bit of it! For sure, it was one of the best, extremely well-spent, thrilling 15 minutes of my
Juliet Philip, Author of The Runaway Daughter - April 2014

Thank you Danielle for all your efforts, I truly feel blessed and grateful for all your efforts in seeing that we writers get the
recognition we strive so hard to attain. Your show and your network are truly one of a kind where you actually care and
want writers to succeed. I can't stress enough how grateful I am to have come across your program. It truly IS one of a
kind which deserves to be hailed with many awards and praises from those who know you as being the means through
which any serious writer can become successful. I've reviewed several author platforms and none of them come close
to delivering the professionalism and personal relationship with authors as your network does. Thank you so much and
I do look forward in renewing my membership again, since I know I'm much farther than I ever would have been had I not
known about your service. You really know your stuff and give great education to writers on how to effectively market
themselves and above all, make sales. Peace and Blessings to you always.
Emeka Iwenofu – Author of Francine's Miracle - November 2013

A friend of my wife, clear back to their grade school days, listened to my interview on The Authors Show the other day and
told me she really enjoyed it.  That's what I mean, your firm just does things right.
R.G. Bud Phelps – Author of "Back in the Day" - September 2013

Danielle,  thank you so very much for interviewing me for your wonderful program, The Authors Show.  This offers a
wonderful opportunity for authors to gain exposure and raise awareness of their book(s), and I'm honored to be a part of
this program.  I'd like to express my pleasure with The Authors Show and everything that it entails.  Danielle, you are a
kind and open hostess, and you immediately put me at ease.  I was quite nervous when I called in, and you patiently and
kindly explained how the show works.  I appreciate the fact that you didn't show annoyance at my nervousness!  By the
time the actual interview occurred, I felt as comfortable as if I were chatting with an old friend.  Further, I really
appreciated the fact that you e-mailed me well before the show with information to help me prepare for the interview.  
Additionally, allowing me to have input into the interview questions guaranteed that I'd be able to talk about the aspects
of Leave of Absence that are most important to me.  This was a fantastic experience, and I'm so glad that my publisher
made me aware of your program.  I am also very glad that you offer additional services to help me make my interview
have the biggest impact, and I'm looking forward to being engaged in those programs. Thank you for helping out today's
Tanya Peterson - Author of "Leave of Abscence" - April 2013

The Authors Show’s presentations give authors an opportunity to explain the story behind their books through an
interview. The Author Show’s collection of information for their interview is very professionally accomplished through a
well prepared question and answer retrieval via email.  I wish to thank The Author Show for giving me the opportunity for
this promotional exposure of my book Gibbon’s Secrets.
RG Bud Phelps – Author of “Gibbon’s Secrets” & “Cover Your Nut” -  October 2012

The Authors Show is a crown jewel in marketing new books.  Their dedication to perfection has no rival.  It is a flawlessly
produced show every author should consider.  They are consummate professionals who carefully guide you through the
interview process and give the author opportunity to discuss their book which is broadcast to a worldwide audience.
I am deeply honored to have been a guest on this show.
Penelope Van Buskirk – Author of For Worse Never Better -  March 2011

The Authors Show is a wonderful way to market books.  Both Danielle Hampson, who inteviews for  TV, and Don
McCauley for radio, are outstanding interviewers.  They bring out the best in your books and you.  Danielle and Don are
professional, current, competent and accomodating-taking you easily through the interview process.  The Authors show
is a must marketing strategy for authors!
Josephine Gambini – Author of Ciao, I Am Poetino - March 2011

Danielle, I want to thank you for the wonderful service you perform for authors and would-be authors everywhere. In
addition to enjoying hearing one of the authors I have worked with interviewed on your online Authors Show, I have
learned about so many new publishers agents for my own work.
Joan Schweighardt – Publicist  - January 2011

The Authors Show is a totally professional, expertly run program. Danielle Hampson and Don McCauley make you as
an interviewee feel totally at home, and they know their business inside out. It is must for any author, and it has a huge
following.  It is produced at a level way beyond most radio stations and delivers its product fast and effectively.
Richard Godwin (London, England) author of  "Apostle Rising" - December 2010

How can I express my heartfelt gratitude for The Authors Show and the extraordinary interview you did of me regards
Move on Without Me".  The comments I have received from both friends and strangers have reached beyond simply
wonderful to "t
his was a totally fabulous interview.  Exceptional.  Loved it.  The fit between you and Danielle was the best.  
The book has to do well
." to "The interview is wonderful. . . so uplifting and your message is so critical for so many that
cannot move on. . . feel that they are betraying their loved ones if they do move on. . . this is the message that we all
need to hear, to feel, to experience so that we can move on either after a loss, a divorce, a serious illness or many of the
areas that your book and message speak to.  Thank you.  I will be passing your interview and website on to friends,
colleagues, and patients
."  Danielle, you made this happen.  You embraced your loss and asked how do I move on and
how can Susan's book help me and others to move on without their partner.  You understood the importance of my
message immediately. You asked the right questions one after another.  You put me at ease so that I could delve my
depths and share my experiences, my knowledge, my feelings.   My heartfelt thank you.
Susan C. Beer - author of "Move On Without Me" - July 2010

TheAuthorsShow.com is the number one best in the biz! They are a professional author's network chockful of expertise
and vision. I cannot thank you enough for the excellent interview and editing you did to make me sound like a pro.
Sally Franz, Best Selling Award Winning Author of "Scrambled Leggs...A Snarky Tale of Hospital Hooey"- July 2010

4,500 personal emails went out two weeks ago and again last night.  We are already receiving lots of Kudos. Here’s one
sample that you will like:
"Brian, I listened to your talk with Don McCauley.  Very well done. I never knew about this
website but found there were other writers who I wished to hear speak.  Lenny"
Thank you so much for what you accomplish for author’s.  I’m expecting great things to mushroom from our time
together on
The Authors Show. More to come.
Brian E Huey - The Perpetual Author - April 2010

I would like to thank The Authors Show, Danielle Hampson, Don McCauley (radio)  and Linda Thompson (TV) for
amazing web presence, which led to two different short segments on Fox and Friends - one for me, Traci Hall, and one
for Rhonda Pollero, co authors of Adoption is Forever. "
Traci Hall - author of "Adoption Is Forever" - June 2009

Radio interviews are fun, but let's face it, many are suboptimal quality and highlight the host rather than your message.
My interview, with Don McCauley on The Authors Show, was extremely professional, of the highest sound quality, and
allowed me to fully express the content of my book and message. Since airing, I have had an unusually large number of
new subscriptions to my website. I consider
TheAuthorsShow.com a very powerful communication and marketing
Charles Glassman, author of  "Brain Drain"  - May 2010

I am delighted that The Authors Show not only spotlighted my interview twice beyond what was spotlights of my
interview on Twitter, giving me more than expected out of my interview with the superb Don McCauley. I heartily
recommend The Authors Show!
Rowena Cherry, author of "Knight's Fork"  - March 2009

Well done! During the airing of my interview and afterwards I had people calling me and going to my website from all
over the world. The last few months I have done a tremendous amount of national radio shows, but I can honestly say
that my interview on
The Authors Show with Don was one of the most easy to do, effective, and relaxed. I am very
fortunate to have been on
The Authors Show.
Jeff Knott, author of  "Navigating the Healthcare Maze" - February 2009

I posted a permanent link from the MP3 file – Kimberlee and I seemed to notice a huge increase in website hits and
sales thanks to this interview. Don, you made everything so easy –and despite my thick Bronx accent, you made me
sound really good. Thank you again for everything.
Chelle Cordero, author of  "Courage of the Heart"  -  January 2009

After speaking with Don McCauley on The Authors Show for only a few minutes, I knew I was finally getting some PR tips
that would actually work! He clearly explained the best way to approach the media, the type of information they’re looking
for, and how to present my ideas in the most concise, interesting and engaging way. I’m looking forward to putting my
new PR plan into action, thanks to Don’s superb PR advice!”
Debi Silber, MS, RD,WHC  The Mojo Coach™ - author of "The Lifestyle Fitness Program: A Six Part Plan So Every
Mom Can Look, Feel and Live Her Best"
 -  February 2009

Just a note to express my appreciation for your radio interview with me on The Authors Show concerning my book "In
Search of America’s Heartbeat". Interviewer Don McCauley did an outstanding job. He immediately put me at ease, and
we had a very enjoyable and – I think – very effective conversation. Within hours I received a lot of positive feedback from
people who heard the interview. Thank you for the high quality of the work that you do.
Robert H. Mottram, author of "In Search of American's Heartbeat" - July 2009

I have received so many compliments on today's show so far. People were remarking what a great interview it was.  I
want to thank you again for making me feel so comfortable and for helping me get my points across to the listening
audience. It was a wonderful experience and I look forward to doing it again should I go ahead with my plans to write my
next book.  Thank you!
Sheryl McGinnis, author of "The Addiction Monster and the Square Cat" - April 2009

Talk about "spacious" experience!  I came away from my interview with Don McCauley on The Authors Show feeling
exactly the way I would hope my readers feel after 15 minutes of clutter clearing: excited, supported, inspired!  Thank you
for helping me remember why I believe in my book so much, and deliver a simple message that can help so many
others lighten their load.
Stephanie Bennett Vogt, M.A., Founder SpaceClear.com., author of "Your Spacious Self: Clear Your Clutter and
Discover Who You Are"
 -  May 2009
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6-Jan                     Karynne Summars *        NY        Desperate Pursuit in Venice        Suspense
7-Jan                     Daniel P. Douglas        NM        Truth Insurrected: The Saint Mary Project        SciFi

More  interviews  coming soon.

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